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Nowadays, software development teams ship software faster than ever before, and for a good reason. Marketplace tools, including 3rd party open-source components, can help an engineering team ship daily or even hourly. One good example of this is Facebook; they release updates rapidly and at a massive scale.

As organizations want to speed up and catch up with their competitors and customers, many engineering teams no longer write proprietary software. Instead, they assemble software from various 3rd party components, including open-source components.

As developers utilize hundreds to thousands of various open-source components, all with individual licenses, this comes with a…

In the security space, there are so many tools that help individuals, system administration and organizations to protect their systems and applications. Some of these tools are paid while some are free and open source.

Open source security is a crucial aspect that every developer or organization should pay attention to. Most of the tools in this list are open source, others are free tools that can help you with your open source projects.

As a company, you also don’t always need to spend a lot of money on procuring high-end security tools as the same functionalities can be replicated…

Heroku is one of the most popular Platforms as a Service (PaaS) which allows developers to develop and deploy their applications to the cloud.

So, let’s get started. We will quickly sign up for an account on the Heroku homepage.

Heroku has a Heroku CLI to interact with its services which can be installed on MacOS, Linux and Windows.

For Mac, use brew install heroku

For Windows, Download the installer from here.

For linux, use sudo snap install — classic heroku

Once the Heroku CLI is installed, make sure to sign in into the CLI using “heroku login”.

To start…

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